Monday, July 1, 2013

July Goals!

I'm all kinds of excited about July (maybe just because June was so maddeningly CRAZY)!  So to keep me on track, I'm borrowing this super cute goal sheet from Jessica at I {heart} Recess!

Personal: It's been just over a week since I moved to Delaware.  While I LOVE living with my fiance, we're definitely not used to having so much time to spend together.  Plus there is stuff EVERYWHERE that needs put away (it's like a box of mazes and random things), and that is not helping my stress level - I need some organization for my sanity... PRONTO!
Family:  5 months 'til the BIG day! We've got lots of wedding planning to get done.  Future hubby is taking a few days of leave so that we can head home and knock out some important items on our to-do list... tuxes, dress hemming & bustling (ugh, being short), FOOD & cake TASTING (his most important), & maybe even a little dancing.  We've also got to work on music choices, put together invites, and register! WOW!
Health:  Last month my running goal was 30 miles... I did 40! *Sprinkles for that!*  I'm going to stick with 30 for this month, but I'd like to get in at least one longer run each week (5+ miles is longer for me).  I am also missing my friends at JH Fit Club back home and their amazing circuit workout.  So, I'm making it my goal to get in at least 2 circuit workouts each week - the fiance even (finally) put up the TRX for me in the garage.
School:  As I mentioned before, I moved! So, I'm on the hunt for a new j-o-b... nerveracking for sure!  It's a lot of work trying to land a teaching job!  But, I know God has a fabulous plan for me this upcoming school year and I'm super excited (and a little nervous, ok a lot nervous) for all of the new adventures that await!
Blog:  I found a new book that I cannot wait to use for the beginning of the school year! (Ok, I can wait a bit since I'm loving summer and don't want to wish it away too quickly.)  Hopefully once I'm done with all of my unpacking, jobbing, excercising, and wedding planning I'll have some time to think about exactly how I want to use it and share what I come up with!
Outside the Box:  I NEEEEEED to finish unpacking and organize this place!  Seriously, I've got a gazillion boxes yet, two kitchen tables, four living room couch/seating, 3 toasters, too many cupboards of glassware, 2 sweepers... you get the idea. This combining stuff is hard work.  Ugh!  It will be conquered though!!!
I hope with all of these goals that I'll still be able to find some much needed time (if it EVER stops raining) to just lay in the sun with my Nook!
What are your July goals?!
Oh! And while you're just blog hopping today, go enter Jessica's giveaway HERE!
Happy JULY!

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