Sunday, July 21, 2013

What Is the World Made Of?

Speaking of science today... one of my favorite books to use when teaching about matter is

It's a non-fiction text, but works perfectly for primary kiddos (like first grade, obviously) because it introduces each state of matter and uses age appropriate examples that are easy for the kids to understand and relate to.  I read only the section of the book that discusses the state of matter we're learning about at the time (solids first, then liquids, and finally gases).  It also helps tie them all together because we're always going back to the same book throughout our entire unit.

Did a mention there are a gazillion vocabulary words in the books?! It's faaabulous! We have lots of discussions on the word "property" and then sort the different properties: Properties of Solids, Properties of Liquids, Properties of Gases.

I can't wait to see what other fun science books are out there!


  1. I use this book for states of matter with my 4th graders too! It's a great book!!

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  2. I love that it has a gazillion vocabulary words! :)
    I'm all about building vocabulary!
    Even at the 5th grade level...we talk about states of matter!
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