Friday, August 30, 2013

PTL for a 4 Day Weekend!

Oh my word! I have been MIA for sooo long... apparently it's back to school season, when my free time literally whittles down to ZERO!  Gotta just go with it and love it though!

Since it's FRIDAY (*sprinkles*) & a 4 day weekend for this chic, here's a recap of my week!
{Prepare yourselves for picture overload!}

1. I worked and worked (my wonderful parents even drove 5 hours to help) on my wonderful classroom.  And on Monday it welcomed by 21 brand-new second graders.

2. We had a fun-filled week of learning... and {I don't want to count by chickens before my egg are hatched, but...} my kiddos, for the most part, are fabulous!
Here we are working in small groups & learning about Bucket Filling!

3. My kiddos are super thoughtful & are already aware of my sweet tooth... {They sure know how to win a teacher over!}

4. Since my fabulous fiance and I are both lucky enough to have a 4 day weekend {& we've been so busy with back to school and summer softball play-offs, which just happened to be this week}, we spent this afternoon lazily perusing the outlets.  These dark chocolate malt balls were just too irresistible! {Again, with the sweet tooth thing.}

5. My FRIENDS are making the trek from PA and NC to come and visit me this weekend & will be here tonight!!! Lots of friend sprinkles, beach time, shopping, delicious food, and relaxing to follow!

Have a happy long weekend!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Let's Talk About... ME {Miss Muir}!

It's officially "Teacher Week '13!"
Today's theme... Meet the Teacher (hey, that's me)!

So I'm going to talk allll about myself today.  :)

I'm Miss Muir & I {duh} love teaching!  I'm currently 28 years young. I grew up, lived, & taught several years of 1st grade in Pennsylvania.
This year, however, I'm getting married - eeee! {Happiness!}  My amazing fiance just happens to be in the military, so after many discussions we decided that I would follow him & move my job - there have got to be kids that need taught anywhere we could possibly be stationed at, right??
First stop{for me at least}: Delaware!  We've been settling into our new house all summer, & in one week I will begin my new job... 2nd Grade!

I LOVE our engagement pics - our photographer is fabulous:

I also love our story.  It's not the most exciting of all, but it's ours, & I think it's sweet.
We are from the same hometown & met during a day at a local amusement park with mutual friends when we were 16.  Once we could drive, we "went out" a time or two, but typical high school life got in the way and it just didn't work out.  We stayed in touch talking a few times a year just to say, "Hi," & would run into each other around town every few years.
Fast forward 10 years since we first met.... he was returning home after a few years of being stationed overseas.  We began talking a LOT in the few months before he finally came home, & decided to get together.  It was pure bliss from that first moment that we saw each other.  {Did I mention, I get all swooney when he belts out Brad Paisley tunes in the car?}  Now that we've been through a few years of long distance, a {too long} deployment, & hours of Skype dates, he proposed & the rest of our happy lives are to-be-continued... 

A few other random facts about me:
1. I will be teaching 2nd grade this year!
2. I enjoy working out (mainly running, kickboxing, circuit training with weights, or a Chalene Johnson or Jillian Michael's DVD).  It's also a great way to listen to some awesome tunes & clear my head after teaching my little ones all day.

3. I'm a middle child.  I have an amazing family, & they {along with others, too} have been fabulously helping us plan our wedding. Aaaand they've also put up with my {few & far between} bridezilla moments.
{That's my little sister, who's also my maid of honor, & I showing off our fav pair of matching fall boots.}

4. Garlic is my FAVORITE food group of all time! {Wait. Garlic isn't a food group?! Nonsense.} Luckily, the fiance puts up with my garlic obsession & eats whatever I make for him.
I promise I don't just eat it raw, haha!

5. If I'm not on my computer, I'm usually on this fabulous piece of technology.  I resisted giving up regular books for the longest time, but now I just can't get enough of having a gazillion books in one!

6. I've also got some of the best friends in my life that a girl could ask for! {Praise the Lord!} They have helped me grow & encouraged me to embrace life and all of the adventures that come with it.  They are always supportive, & I'm lucky to have them! {And that they put up with me, too!}

I'm sure I'm missing a TON of things about me.  It's hard to get someone's whole story & personality from just a little blog post.

I can't wait to hop around & read all about the other fabulous teachers out there!
Check them all out here:

Friday, August 9, 2013

Hello, Friday! :)

While I'm sad to say good-bye to yet another summer week, at least it's FRIDAY!
Here are my top 5 things for the week:

1: This FABULOUS deal from Target {I've sooo been on the hunt for new poetry binders this year}!
$0.99 Durable, Clear View Binders! & in multiple colors!

2: Got my ring cleaned, & now it REALLY sparkles - almost needed shades when the sweet lady at the jewelry store handed it back to me.

3: Our little quick trip to Smith Island, MD. Sooo unique & fun.

4: Prepared my Birthday Book & Crazy Colors words for my word wall.
{Click the pics to check those out!}

5:  I can FINALLY & OFFICIALLY say that I will be teaching 2nd Grade in DE this year!  I will sooo miss my PA firsties & amazing teammates/school, but I'm excited for a new adventure! Anyone with 2nd grade tips, please?!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

"I Ain't Ever Gonna Beat this Summer!" But it's B2S we gooo...

Soo many fun things to share today! First since it's still summer, my top 5 things of these past summer weeks.  I'm linking up with Adventures in Teaching!

In no particular order...
1. Our girls' getaway to Washington & Oregon! We spent a TON of time in Olympic National Park, Forks {heyyy Twilight}, Seattle, Portland, Mt. Hood, & even got to walk on the Oregon Trails {I mean, talk about pure floppy disk era flashback awesome-sauce!}

2. I got to help coach Kids in Motion camp this summer - an amazing camp for girls, run by the most fabulous people you will ever meet.  We focus on fitness, nutrition, & self-esteem.  This was our view from a hike up Mt. Nittany in central PA.  AMAZING!

3. MOVING! Need I say more?! This was quite stressful & yet wonderful at the same time.  Now I get to see the love of my life every day - sprinkles for that!

4. I discovered a new love of Italian Sweet Creme Creamer, all thanks to one of my favorite friends from college during a trip to Wilmington, NC {that's her in my pic below with the glasses}.  She has me addicted to adding it to my iced coffee - mmmmmmmm!!!!

5. And the absolute BEST part of this entire summer was all of the amazing time I got to spend hanging out with this handsome, funny fellow - loooove him something crazy!
{Shhh! No one tell him this pic is on here!}

And now for my favorite B2S things for my kiddos.
Favorite Graphic

1. Classroom Coupons! This is a pure genius & simple idea - seriously, check it out.

2. These lovely items from the Target Dollar Spot.  They will make great book boxes for my new kiddos!

3. Finally, some reallllly good pencils from Ticonderoga!  Need I say more about the absolute importance of GOOD quality pencils?! These things are gold, people.

*I'm also loving my new crayons for my color word wall - adorable! {Click the pic to check them out.}
Just printed & laminated mine last night while watching Shark Week!!

Happy B2S everyone! :)