Sunday, June 23, 2013

Unpacking Success!

This is not a school related post, but, eh. So, a looong time ago I pinned a cute pic to my Pinterest of someone using foam pool noodles instead of those expensive boot shapers. After being far too overwhelmed from trying to squeeze ALL of my clothes into my 3/4 of the closet (yes, I claimed most of it), I took a Pinterest break. Well, low and behold I came across that pin with the boots again - and Pinterest being so smart these days reminded me that I had already pinned it!  The stack of sad looking boots waiting for a home in my new closet finally had some hope! I quick bolted it over to Walmart, they had the perfect smaller size noodles for less than $2 (and no sales tax - love me some Delaware)! Five minutes after getting home, I had found some sort of slicing tool in the garage and voila!

I cut each noodle into either 4 or 6 pieces depending on the boot height.  Just a few days ago I had come across fancier ones (only one pair) at TJMaxx for $7, so I'm super thrilled that I ended up with 8 pairs for even less!

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