Friday, January 2, 2015

It's Currently 2015!

What happened to the second half of 2014?!
I really fell of the grid.
But, life was crazy. Good crazy. Sad crazy. All kinds of crazy.

That's what's so awesome about a "new year."  You get that preverbial "clean slate" to start all over with.
So I'm starting with a blog post.  Is there any better way to kick off the year that with a currently that's chock full of wishes & resolutions?
I think not. #Imayevenhashtaginthispost

Listening: Acapella makes my heart so happy!

Loving: My mother in law got me the most amazing blanket (ever) for Christmas.  "Because you're always cold!"  {Sooooo TRUE!}
*Brrr!* I better stay under this blanket #alldayeveryday

Thinking: Today is the LAST day I'll be 29! WHAT?! 30, seems like such a ridiculous number.  I mean, regrouping all of those ones into a ten is... I dunno! What is it? I have no words for how strange it seems in my head.
I've been thinking all morning about all of the amazing things that will happen at 30.  My first half marathon (hopefully), the possibility of an incredible vacation, maybe feeling a little wiser now that I'm in a new decade, &....

Wanting: I get my husband back after I turn 30!!! So very soon he will finally be home from his latest deployment. I am Thrilled. Elated. Ecstatic!
Joy! Joy! Joy!

Needing: I've been running for a few years now, but one of the reasons for my blogging absense is that I've been running a LOT more in the past few months.  Unfortunately, my holiday damper was the realization that I definitely pulled one of those important knee muscles.  I've been on a running break to allow it to heal, but I'm clearly impatient.  Why won't it heal faster??? I have a 10-miler next weekend & a half marathon in February.  If you're reading this, please say a healing prayer! There's lots of power in that.

YES: This year, my only resolution is to finish what I start.  For example, if I start reorganizing the kitchen cupboards, I will not leave everything on the counters for daaaaays.  Imma get. it. done.
(I'm hoping my knee heals ASAP so this can apply to the races I've got coming up, too!)

MAYBE: I run a lot.  I do yoga-esque workouts often.  I lift weights 1-2 times a week.  I'd really like to think about doing more with weights in the gym this year. ...We'll see!

I WISH: I wish & pray & pray & pray for GOOD HEALTH! Not just for myself, but for my family, friends, & all of YOU!

What are you ready for in 2015???