Tuesday, December 31, 2013

'13 in 13: Why 2013 Was Amazing!

New Year's Eve already?!  I didn't even get to think about sharing all of my Christmas fun - I blinked and it was over!  {sigh}  I guess time really does fly when you're having fun, and boy were we BUSY having fun this past month and all of 2013!

I am linking up for a 13 in 13 review!  And {fair warning} it's a picture overload!  Continue at your own risk! :)

I hope you enjoy my favorite {er, if I can even narrow it down} memories of 2013!

I had an amazing opportunity to coach the most wonderful 1st & 2nd grade girls at Kids in Motion!  It's the brainchild of my friend Julie, and is a truly fabulous program where we would teach the girls all about fitness, nutrition, and {most importantly} self-esteem.  These girls really learned and helped me remember that God made us perfect just the way we are! <3

I was busy workin' on my fitness! Oh, it's totally all been undone by the past month of holiday deliciousness, but in 2013, I LOVED hiking, running, and working out with my friends.  I even ran my best 5k time yet!

I TRAVELED!!! Between North Carolina, the beach, Washington state's Olympic National Park & Seattle, Oregon {totally got to walk on the Oregon trail & Mt. Hood}, and even Smith Island Maryland, it's been a busy traveling year.  Wonder where I'll get to in 2014?! 

I moved to Delaware!  Talk about a crazy ride!  This move has been a huge adjustment, but I think I've been rolling with the waves pretty well.  I absolutely love our adorable house.  {Even if it is located right in "airplane alley"}
Bonus: we're not that far from the beach! 

We had some amazing visitors at our new house {and these are only a few of them...} We loved the beach! So blessed!

New state = new school! And new grade level! I moved UP to 2nd grade this year {gosh, they are such smarties}!

It was an unbelievable year to be a buccos fan!
The Pittsburgh Pirates made their first post season appearance since I was super little! {For real, it's all because my dad FINALLY made the trip to Florida for their spring training...}

I got to wear this awesome little white dress... TWICE!
I loved it at my wonderful bridal shower,
& then at the {then} fiance's Firefighter Ball.

My maid of honor sister & best ever bridesmaids threw the most hysterically entertaining wine night/sleepover bachelorette party! It was soo fun - we legit laughed ALL night.

We totally rocked our homemade Halloween costumes this year.

We had a super fabulous date wandering around Annapolis {oh my word, it's beautiful there} & got to sit right up front for an awesome concert with The Clarks!  {They're an amazing band from Pittsburgh... for real, you should check them out.}

WE GOT MARRIED!!!! {And the pictures... I can't pic just a few!}
Our photobooth & adorable flower girl niece, were some of the highlights!

Decorating our house for Christmas was a highlight for me!  As was a first ever {& very rare} Christmas morning with my new hubby.
His job just does not work around the holidays well, so I was loving every second of this Christmas morning {in our Christmas jammies, of course}.

That was my indescribable 2013.  I have no words.  Just wow.
 I hope your year was all that you prayed for & more!  Wishing everyone a fabulous end to the year & an even better beginning to the next.

Merry Christmas {a little late} & Happy New Year from us<3