Sunday, June 23, 2013

Unpacking Success!

This is not a school related post, but, eh. So, a looong time ago I pinned a cute pic to my Pinterest of someone using foam pool noodles instead of those expensive boot shapers. After being far too overwhelmed from trying to squeeze ALL of my clothes into my 3/4 of the closet (yes, I claimed most of it), I took a Pinterest break. Well, low and behold I came across that pin with the boots again - and Pinterest being so smart these days reminded me that I had already pinned it!  The stack of sad looking boots waiting for a home in my new closet finally had some hope! I quick bolted it over to Walmart, they had the perfect smaller size noodles for less than $2 (and no sales tax - love me some Delaware)! Five minutes after getting home, I had found some sort of slicing tool in the garage and voila!

I cut each noodle into either 4 or 6 pieces depending on the boot height.  Just a few days ago I had come across fancier ones (only one pair) at TJMaxx for $7, so I'm super thrilled that I ended up with 8 pairs for even less!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Let's Meet the New Firsties!

So one of the things I absolutely love about my school (among many, of course), is that during the last week of school we get to spend a fabulous 30 minutes meeting our new, incoming class of kiddos... it really gets me motivated and excited to begin again with a fresh crop of first graders!
This year, sticking with my rock star theme, I planned a few fun activities to fill our 30 minutes (let me tell you - 30 minutes with not quite yet 1st graders is waaaaay long when you're used to kiddos who are about ready for 2nd).
-We kicked off our time together by checking out a super cute chart my firsties came up with.  It told of all the reasons why First Grade Rocks.  I apologize that I have no fun picture of our chart, but it was definitely rockin' in all kinds of attention catching colors, stars, and squiggles.
-Next, we rocked out to some of our favorite first grade jams while we played a game of "Musical Squares!" I love a good game of musical chairs, but am far too lazy to set up THAT MANY chairs - a girl's definitely got better things to do with her time.  Sooo, we simply make a circle with some overly bright colored cardstock and jump onto one of the squares when the music stops.  I am obsessed with Kidz Bop tunes, and so are my firsties.
Get your sound check here, then download your favs from iTunes!
-I like to give the new class of kiddos a quick preview of first grade & get them excited about reading, so we check out the first few pages of one of my new favorite beginning of the year books - Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes!  They get really into the song. 
Front Cover 
Both of these rockin' downloads could wind up as our spin off activities come next September:
-Aaand last, but not least, as my new, soon to be firsties head back to finish up their time in K, I send them with a little reminder that next year is totally going to ROCK!
Hope you get as excited about your new class of kiddos as I do!
I'll be busy, busy preparing for them during a good chunk of my summer!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sprinkles for a New Blog!

Hiii all!!!

Allow me to introduce myself....

Things I LOVE:
1. Teaching my first graders
2. Sprinkles (hence the blog name)
3. My fiance, friends, and family
4. Target - surprise, surprise
5. Running & Fitness (mainly so that I can eat more of all those yummy Pinterest recipes)
6. Blog Stalking

I love all of these amazing things so much that I thought, hmmm, maybe I should create my own blog.  Why not?  With summer just starting, it seems like the absolute perfect time to begin sharing all of my wonderful teaching joys with you.  Also, I'm moooooving! My life is currently in boxes as I prepare to move to a whole different STATE - Wowwee! This is certainly going to be an eventful summer in all areas of my life, so stay tuned for all of the excitement!
Don't worry - I'm not packing that many eggs!

Speaking of things I love, check out some of my favorite teacher desk essentials that I just couldn't live without...
My lesson plan book & stand.
Plus some flowery decor made by one of my amazing first grade teamies!

My supply bins - LOOOVE these.
I am obsessed with the Lakeshore boxes, but I'm far too cheap to purchase them.
Found these gems at Michael's last summer (40% off coupons for sure, too)!
More to come from this sure to be CRAZY busy summer!