Saturday, September 14, 2013

Can I Move into the Slow Lane Yet?

What a first few weeks it's been!  My kids are Amazing with a capital A, but I am one EXHAUSTED teacher (yes, in alllll caps).  I feel like I move in overdrive from 5:30 AM until 11:30 PM.  And that six hours of shut eye in between is just not cutting it.


It's FRIDAY! {and an in-service for this girl}  So, I think I'll take a few minutes and actually not be at school by 6:30 for once... I'll settle for 6:45. :)
Here's a peek at my top five for the week!

1. I creeped slowly leaped into small groups this week.  We focused on spelling/phonics just to get the ball rolling and procedures down for how our groups will run.  I'm hoping to move into more real reading next week - yay!  But I need to BRAG about my kids and how wonderfully they've taken ownership of the Daily 5 - so independent! {The first grade teacher in me is incredibly jealous that I'm just now discovering the amazingness that is SECOND grade.}  They've been able to do read to self, listen to reading, and work on words with fabulous stamina for four 20 minute sessions (one of which they are with me in small group).
I. Am. Blown. Away.
2. My fiance's sister, brother-in-law, and adorable niece came to visit over the weekend.  We had so much fun playing at the beach {PTL we don't live that far from it}!  It's been awhile since I've been on a beach blanket with sand buckets and toys - loved it.

3. My sweet co-workers are planning a little shower for another couple getting married and myself.  Considering I've only been at this school for three weeks, I thought that was so thoughtful of them to include me.  I guess it's about time for the pre-wedding festivities to begin!
{Speaking of... loving this giggly pic of me with my cousin & bridesmaid circa age 3}
4. I have an amazing fiance who has been doing allll of the laundry and dishes this week {and making the bed, running the sweeper...} - he sees me working like crazy the calm, cool, and collected professional I am and realized that he needed to take some tasks off the to-do list for me.  Sooo thankful! {We also celebrated his birthday this past week!}

5. We've  been practicing "mystery number patterns" (better known as frames and arrows problems to my friends with an Everyday Math background). The second graders were sooo excited and enthusiastic when we noticed some footprints had appeared all around our classroom with number patterns.  I quickly changed into my "Detective Rock Star" attire, and they were very willing to help me "gather the evidence" and "solve the mysteries."  They really ate it all up as they would bring their little clipboards up to me exclaiming, "Detective Rock Star, I have gathered all the evidence - let's solve this mystery!"
No judging my detective props, lol.

And let's hope after being in overdrive mode all week, I can move into the slow lane and at least sleep in for a bit this weekend!  Happy Friday! :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Currently... Getting back in the School Swing!

I cannot believe it is already September... I think I say that every month, but really - it goes so darn fast!
To celebrate the new month that started a few days ago {forgive me for my chronic lateness}, here's what I'm doing "Currently."

Since I only want to talk about the things I'm loving currently {I mean, that's the most important part, right?}, I'll get down to it.

What teacher doesn't feel like this by the end of week one?
It's very true when they say, "There ain't no tired like back to school teacher tired!"

So, to help me out one of my most favorite outlet shopping purchases from our outing last Friday was from Bare Minerals.  {I love their make-up & use it religiously.}  After walking into the store, I quick grabbed a new tube of their best voluminous mascara & then BEGGED one of the workers to find a miracle solution to my ever darkening under-eye circles. 
The amazing store woman hooked me up with some "Well-Rested" eye brightener and oh my word - LOVE. IT.
This is my new "tired teacher's best friend" product.

Aaaand of course, how could I write a post without talking about this handsome guy?

{His fire jacket looks like a dress on me!}

He was such a super co-host during my friends' visit this past weekend.  He toured us around the air base, chauffeured us to dinner & around town, was the best grill-master/burger king, & wonderful dog whisperer for my bff's visiting black lab.  I'll stop bragging... :)
We had such a fun girls' weekend!