Thursday, August 1, 2013

Favorite Teacher-y Things!

I am in back-to-school full swing! Eeeeee!  So thinking about how fast this last week and a half that I have left will go, I am all about my favorite teacher-y things that will make the next 180 days till summer go by in fabulous style...

1. This is a MUST.  My planner - I don't know a teacher who can live without her/his planner.  I have turned around and driven back to school or home quite a few times when I've forgotten my planner.  I always score the Staples calendar aisle for the perfect one (& I found the perfect one years ago... I just pray each year that they keep making it - so far so good! Praise the Lord!).
It has each month laid out followed by each week of that month with lots of space for making notes/to-do lists.
2013/2014 Staples® Academic Recycled Weekly/Monthly Planner, 5in. x 8in.

2. Crayola Poster Markers! I'm am obsessed with these! I pick up a pack whenever I find them.  So far I've only ran across them at Hobby Lobby & Michael's.  They're much thicker when they write than regular markers, making them just *perfect* for anchor charts & anything my kiddos may need to see from far away.

3. My supply organizers are essential to making our days go smoothly! I have one for each day of the week {thanks Michael's}.  I just put my supplies in the bin when I'm planning & then everything is ready for that day - it's especially great when I have a sub on short notice... I just say, "it's all in the {day} bin!"

As teachers we are incredibly flexible from day to day {heck, minute to minute for that matter}, but these 3 things are my MUST HAVES to make it through the year!
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Favorite Graphic

I also LOVE my new favorite beginning of the year book - check out all of the activities to help teacher your students how to be super polite! This is on saaaale because it's brand new. {click the pic}

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