Thursday, August 8, 2013

"I Ain't Ever Gonna Beat this Summer!" But it's B2S we gooo...

Soo many fun things to share today! First since it's still summer, my top 5 things of these past summer weeks.  I'm linking up with Adventures in Teaching!

In no particular order...
1. Our girls' getaway to Washington & Oregon! We spent a TON of time in Olympic National Park, Forks {heyyy Twilight}, Seattle, Portland, Mt. Hood, & even got to walk on the Oregon Trails {I mean, talk about pure floppy disk era flashback awesome-sauce!}

2. I got to help coach Kids in Motion camp this summer - an amazing camp for girls, run by the most fabulous people you will ever meet.  We focus on fitness, nutrition, & self-esteem.  This was our view from a hike up Mt. Nittany in central PA.  AMAZING!

3. MOVING! Need I say more?! This was quite stressful & yet wonderful at the same time.  Now I get to see the love of my life every day - sprinkles for that!

4. I discovered a new love of Italian Sweet Creme Creamer, all thanks to one of my favorite friends from college during a trip to Wilmington, NC {that's her in my pic below with the glasses}.  She has me addicted to adding it to my iced coffee - mmmmmmmm!!!!

5. And the absolute BEST part of this entire summer was all of the amazing time I got to spend hanging out with this handsome, funny fellow - loooove him something crazy!
{Shhh! No one tell him this pic is on here!}

And now for my favorite B2S things for my kiddos.
Favorite Graphic

1. Classroom Coupons! This is a pure genius & simple idea - seriously, check it out.

2. These lovely items from the Target Dollar Spot.  They will make great book boxes for my new kiddos!

3. Finally, some reallllly good pencils from Ticonderoga!  Need I say more about the absolute importance of GOOD quality pencils?! These things are gold, people.

*I'm also loving my new crayons for my color word wall - adorable! {Click the pic to check them out.}
Just printed & laminated mine last night while watching Shark Week!!

Happy B2S everyone! :)

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up! :)
    I am so happy for you that you get to be closer to your love. That's always a great thing!
    Have a great year!

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