Monday, August 5, 2013

Livin' for the Weekend! {& it's only Monday}

Happy Monday {I know, I know... not the weekend anymore, but I'm still gonna post about it}! I just love weekends! Even in the summer cause it's mostly just us teachers that are busy "not working" {even though we are} all week. So, weekends are friends, family, & fiancé time!

This weekend was spent doing absolutely nothing educational for my classroom. Instead, I worked on painting up these little gems for my bedroom.

They are the frames for mirrors & I'll hang one on each side of my bed - I hope it turns out adorably!

The rest of this weekend was spent on an island in Maryland with some super sweet friends! This place was a gem - so remote & relaxed. We're so happy they invited us to visit!
Here's my view from our boat trip over to the island. {seriously... You can only get there by boat!}

It was windyyy!!!

Feeling relaxed now & ready for my last week of summer {aahh, can you believe it?!}.

I also have some Monday Made-it & Manic Monday Freebies for my classroom to share with you!

These are book bin bookmarks! The numbers match the ones on each kiddos' book box {some super cute ones that I found at the Target dollar spot I might add... I'll show you those if my room is EVER ready}. Hopefully *fingers crossed* this will make returning books to the correct bin even easier.

These are the numbers I used along with some free paint sticks from Wal-Mart & some sunny yellow spray paint. :) {Click the picture}

OR here they are with a chevron pattern.

I also made & finished my new helper jobs this week - they look like ipods to go with our *rock star* theme! {I love the helping hands!}  The jobs & helping hands are available here if you'd like your helpers to rock out, too!  I simply cut a regular sheet of 8.5x11" cardstock in half to make the rest of the ipod - this way it could match your own personal classroom decor super easily!  The numbered hands are stuck on with velcro so that I can easily change them each week.

{Click the pic to check it out}

If you follow me on bloglovin' & on TPT, leave your email in a comment below.  I'll email a Rockin' Classroom Helpers file to the first two!


  1. Love your "What's My Number" freebie...great idea!!!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Fun With Firsties

  2. Polka dots or chevron? They are both so cute. It's going to be hard to choose. Thanks for the freebie!