Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Let's Meet the New Firsties!

So one of the things I absolutely love about my school (among many, of course), is that during the last week of school we get to spend a fabulous 30 minutes meeting our new, incoming class of kiddos... it really gets me motivated and excited to begin again with a fresh crop of first graders!
This year, sticking with my rock star theme, I planned a few fun activities to fill our 30 minutes (let me tell you - 30 minutes with not quite yet 1st graders is waaaaay long when you're used to kiddos who are about ready for 2nd).
-We kicked off our time together by checking out a super cute chart my firsties came up with.  It told of all the reasons why First Grade Rocks.  I apologize that I have no fun picture of our chart, but it was definitely rockin' in all kinds of attention catching colors, stars, and squiggles.
-Next, we rocked out to some of our favorite first grade jams while we played a game of "Musical Squares!" I love a good game of musical chairs, but am far too lazy to set up THAT MANY chairs - a girl's definitely got better things to do with her time.  Sooo, we simply make a circle with some overly bright colored cardstock and jump onto one of the squares when the music stops.  I am obsessed with Kidz Bop tunes, and so are my firsties.
Get your sound check here, then download your favs from iTunes!
-I like to give the new class of kiddos a quick preview of first grade & get them excited about reading, so we check out the first few pages of one of my new favorite beginning of the year books - Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes!  They get really into the song. 
Front Cover 
Both of these rockin' downloads could wind up as our spin off activities come next September:
-Aaand last, but not least, as my new, soon to be firsties head back to finish up their time in K, I send them with a little reminder that next year is totally going to ROCK!
Hope you get as excited about your new class of kiddos as I do!
I'll be busy, busy preparing for them during a good chunk of my summer!

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