Thursday, October 27, 2016

Scooting into Fall!

Hi ya'll! (<-- we recently relocated to the south, so I'm working on fitting in around here)

Life has been beyond crazy these past 12 months.  We welcomed a sweet baby boy into our family in March, and shortly after we were notified that we were moving to TEXAS!

What an adventure it's been!

I finally feel like I may have my feet under me, and I can get back into doing what I love - creating fun and exciting teaching materials to use in my classroom.

These Scoot games for math have been my most popular item in my little shop.

So I am working on creating more of them with more math standards AND more holidays/seasons.  Help me out though! What would you like to see? What math standards and or holidays would you just LOVE to have a Scoot game for?

I've added a Double Digit Subtraction (no regrouping) for Fall to my shop, as well as a Bundle of my new subtraction and previous addition games!

Go check them out now! They will be PERFECT for getting your little squirmers moving and learning throughout the next month!

Don't forget to let me know what you'd like to see! If you leave me a comment and I create the math scoot topic you suggested, I'll send you one for free! (Don't forget to leave me your email address, too.)

Happy Fall Ya'll!

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