Friday, November 4, 2016

Holiday Happiness!

Did you have enough Halloween excitement this past week?
Well just on the off chance that you need a little extra, here's my adorable Turtle totally rocking his first Halloween. Amiright??

To put into perspective just how much we rocked this Halloween, that poor pumpkin is still sitting outside... uncarved, unpainted.  But hey, now it doubles as a decoration for Thanksgiving! #momwin

My mom abs are also on a mission to come out of hiding. I am SO thankful that I get to start a new program, Core De Force, just in time for the holidays! I swear this is going to keep my on track - no all out holiday snack binges this year!
If you want to join me on my mission, I'd love to help you, too!

Finally, I'm gearing up for the Holidays with my Fall & Christmas Scoot Games!
Make sure you follow my TPT store because the Fall Bundle will be on SALE next week for Veteran's Day! {Along with a special surprise!}

Happy End of Fall/Holiday Prep Month!

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