Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday! Friday! Friday!

Friday already?!  Time sure does fly when you're having summer fun!

I just love sleeping in.  I could do it ALL. THE. TIME.
It's my firm belief that nothing of importance should begin before 10 AM.
Am I alone in that? Yes? Okay.

While I was busy sleeping in all week, I know everyone was living it up in Vegas! Jealous!

However, after adequate sleep & caffeine, I was able to accomplish a few things.

1. Track It! Data Tracking Pack is new to my shop & ON SALE while I go on vacation {ahh, vacation}!
You can check out my post about how I use this tool, HERE.

2. This. I loooooove this bathing suit.  As long as I don't look at ice cream or french fries, I can wear it, too.  It's already in my suitcase & going with me on vacation... to HAWAII! {squeeeeals!}

3. I am also loving my new blog design from Megan at iTeach What's Your Superpower?
The cupcake makes me hungry every. time.

4. It has been a BLAST seeing everyone live on Periscope this week! Are you on Periscope?  You should be!

5. This outfit is in my packed suitcase ready for Hawaii! I can't even wait! If you've been to Waikiki, what's your favorite thing to do, eat, etc??



  1. I'm not sure if I'm more jealous that you're going to Hawaii or that you can wear that swimsuit. Have a fabulous time!

  2. I hope you enjoy Hawaii, I grew up there and miss it terribly! What do you use to track your data from Independent Reading Level, Fluency and all that? I just moved to Australia and I don't see any programs they use but still ask about student progress. I'd like to have some form of documentation.

    ♥ Stephanie
    Fishing for Education Blog

  3. I am loving your blog design! It is so bright and is really eye-catching. I will definitely have to check our your data binders. That is something I struggle with every year!

    Hope you have a great trip to Hawaii!

    Live, Laugh, Love Second