Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer Strides!

I'm not one to shy away from a workout.
My motto has always been that, "I workout so I can EAT!"
I mean, really... YUM!

Over the past few months, I've been down and out with a knee injury, so my workouts have been happening.  But that's just it. They weren't quite the same anymore.  I had to modify several moves, I couldn't go all out, & I definitely couldn't run. {Super sad for a runner at heart.}


With all of that, I just didn't feel like myself anymore.  I felt exhausted & crabby way more often - a big uh oh!
Now that it's finally summer, I've started to run again. Amen!
It may just be a little at a time, but I'm making progress with my mileage & pace.

MORE importantly, I've stopped tracking just my calories & focused on macros.  I track what the food I eat for it's nutritional value... not just how much I can cram in while still fitting into my "skinny jeans." :)

June was BUSY, my friends.  We have been on the go, but {except for the special occassion ballpark chicken & fries} I have been finding choices that are not perfect, much better for my body than fast food hamburgers or gas station potato chips.
Some of my favorites are Chick-fil-a's Grilled Chicken Sandwich (no sauce) with a fruit cup, individual sized beef jerky (the lowest sodium pack), & flavored coffee beans with tablespoon of skim milk, hold the sugar (because on the road = need coffee).

I also think this tank would be a great Christmas present. French fries are were ABSolutely my favorite food in the world! Hahaha!

Keep at it this week! :)


  1. That shirt is totally the story of my life! Love it!

    Kelsey Buckles
    Simply Magical Learning

  2. So much to say about this post!!! Yay for macros! Also- LOVE that shirt- I am a little obsessed with workout tanks! Thanks SO much for linking up!!

  3. I need to start counting macros again! I saw such a difference when I was. Love the workout tank!!

    The Busy Busy Hive