Monday, June 16, 2014

I Finally MADE IT!

It's hard to believe I've been MIA for a whole month! There's been far too much fun being had around here, I just couldn't pull myself away for even a minute.
But.. I'm back! And feeling {slightly} refreshed, because it's pretty much SUMMER!

Unfortunately, I will continue sitting in meetings or my classroom through most of this week. Thanks Polar Vortex. But, those hour long in-service lunch breaks are a nice bit of consulation. And BONUS! You can leave the building for lunch! The possibilities are endless. :)
{Can you tell I've had to REALLY syke myself up for all these extra days?!}

It took me a bit to decide what to make for my kiddos to end the year.  I knew I'd put all of our pictures into a sweet little slideshow, but I needed something they'd love and use over the summer.

After much Pinteresting, I came across some adorable clipboards modge podged with sweet word cloud cut outs and knew I'd found perfection.  We can't get enough of clipboards in our room.  They would use them here.  Or there.  They'd use those clipboards anywhere!

Here's how it turned out.

I started by printing out a star shaped word cloud for each kiddo. I used tagxedo to do this.

Then I used modge podge to secure the star to each clipboard {I raided my local Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree to get these on the cheap.}

I pulled some unused, leftover supplies from this year out of my closet.  I was able to tie a mechanical pencil and marker to each kiddo's board.
I printed off these adorable review booklets to avoid some summer slump and secured them to the clipboards.

I also enticed my students with a fall reward for completing the entire booklet this summer and returning it to me.

Add on my Rock Star photo DVD and there you have it!  These were so loved.  The kids couldn't believe they were allowed to take them home and keep them!


  1. Your clipboards came out beautiful! Excellent job and thank you for the great idea!

  2. I used Tagxedo, but our school's color printer was down. I printed on colored paper with black ink and laminated them. Your idea is SO much better. I'm pinning this to remember it for next year!

  3. I love your clipboards!! Such an awesome idea!! I know my kids would love them!!

  4. I LOVE the stars!!!! I can totally use that in my classroom! :) Thank you!!!!!!
    Mixing it up in Middle