Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Oh, June!

Oh, June! I thought you'd never get here!
It's been an interesting, exciting, and crazy-filled year.  This tired teacher needs a morning to sleep in and sip coffee on the deck {under the sunshine-y sky, of course}.

With just over a week of school left to wrap up the year, my brain is on overdrive and really may actually explode.
Like a volcano.
My kids would probably find it hilarious.

Here's what's currently happening inside my molten lava churning brain...

Listening - My house is quiet. No TV, no music. The clock is literally just ticking away reminding me that I have 10 less hours in the day than I actually need right now.

Loving - It's soooo close to summer, I can feel it! It has been a YEAR my friends, and I'm ready to sleep in and kick my feet up for a whole day before I get back to all of the summer planning for next year and cleaning the house I've neglected since last August.

Thinking - Speaking of next year... My brain is already planning, reorganizing, lesson planning, prepping, and I haven't even cranked out report cards for this year's little gems yet! Please tell me I'm not alone in this, am I? #teacherproblems

Wanting - On that first, glorious day of summer {the one where I sleep in}, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll squeeze in an afternoon nap between the excitement of nothingness. Can't. Wait. YES!

Needing - I've consistently had to skip a run at least once or more a week because of crazy schedules or crazy weather.  Running is my sanity. We all know too well that teachers desperately need their sanity at the end of the year.

Summer Lovin' - We have a ton of happenings planned for this summer already.  So many in fact, that all of the Saturdays are booked pretty much until October. They are all filled with family, friends, and travel time {say it with me: "HAWAII"}, so I'm really not mad about it one bit.

How are you feeling now that it's FINALLY JUNE? :)


  1. Oh my! Your summer plans sound awesome!!! We already took our "big" trip this year to Disney but I am thinking Hawaii, a cruise or the Bahamas for next year. Have fun! Enjoy your summer!

    1. Thanks, Kristy!
      I was just reading your blog and trying to figure out how to apply for the maid posting (just kidding... I need one, too)! :)
      Hope you make it to the beach this year, and you should definitely look into Hawaii for next year!


  2. Thank goodness it is June! I've been wanting to run the past two days, but it's been all rain the past two days in Jersey. My wheels in my brain will not stop turning with everything for next year - forget all the work that needs to be done NOW for the end of year. I have fast forwarded to next year. haha! Have a great summer and enjoy Hawaii!! #jealous

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