Friday, June 19, 2015

Lazy Summer Fridays

Friday.  It doesn't ring quite the same in the summer.
To be honest, Tuesday was my first day off & as I drove to the gas station, I was already concerned thinking, Why are all of the poor construction workers out slaving away on a Saturday??
Not Saturday.
Just Tuesday.
{I secretly love it.}

So week one of summer FLEW by! Really summer? One week gone already?
Thankfully it was a pretty decent couple of days.

1. Before I left for the year, I treated my amazing secretaries & custodian to a little summer surprise.  It's soo important to show you appreciate those people who make the school work as well as it does. You can't make it through the year without them!
These adorable mug tumblers were from Wal-Mart, & they're loaded with a little Starbucks gift card.  I made a tag {that you can download here} to go with it.
I think they turned out so cute!

2. I have been loving the #tptsellerchallenge.
My favorite products got some serious facelifts.

These addition & subtraction scoot games are my best sellers. Don't they look SO much better?? Praise the Lord for some fresh Cara Carroll fonts!
They are updated with all new fonts, clip art, backgrounds, AND now are in color and black & white versions.

These beach themed math centers are perfect for 2nd graders in May & June! Or for 3rd graders in August!

3. Data! Data! Data!
My trusty data binder received an update this week, too!
Doesn't it look adorable? Makes me want to look at data alllll day!
Ok, not really. But, it's a little more fun.
I LOVE how perfectly simple the inside is, too! I will post all about it next week {with some freebies, of course}, so make sure to come back and check it out!

4. This week is clearly all about simple fixes for things I already love & adore.
Daily 5 had a revisit this week!
I've sworn by the original Daily 5 book for several years now.  It's nice & worn. I carry it around with me often.
I snagged this 2nd edition copy to borrow from a co-worker during one of our summer tanning sessions & have been reading and notetaking non-stop!
While it's not incredibly different, it was just the refresher I needed.  Sometimes just seeing something in a different way/format can make all of the difference.

5. My sweet, talented photographer friend has opened an Etsy shop! It's adorable. Just like her.  Not all of her products are posted yet, but she has a few you can check out, & they're perfect for some refreshing summer decor!
If you love anything rustic or beach-y, you should favorite her Etsy shop!

Want to win one of my new Makeover Challenge products?
You can choose from either the Life's a Beach Math Centers or BOTH Scoot games!

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  1. I forget what do it is also!! Love it! I can't wait to see your data binder! Mine needs a face lift!

  2. Cute makeovers! The addition and subtraction scoots look very appealing.
    I'm participating in the TPT seller challenge, too! Have a great Friday!
    Applelight Moments By Stephanie

  3. I love the revamped covers! I had never heard of those fonts, I will need to look them up. I am participating in the challenge as well. I read the Daily 5 book last year and referred to it a lot this past school year. I love doing Daily 5 and started incorporating Daily 3 Centers in January with my kiddos.

    1. It's an awesome resource! I love how it can be customized for your own class/needs. :)

  4. You are great at making cover images! I LOVE your friend's Etsy design! Can't wait to check out her store.
    Once Upon a Classroom: A Teacher's Tales

    1. Thank you! :) You should definitely go back & check it out, she has updated it with several new products this week.

  5. Your made over products look great and so do your gifts for coworkers! Did you no that you are a no-replay blogger meaning your email doesn't show up for people to write back when they comment on your blog? If you google it you will find some tutorials to change it.

    Literacy Spark

    1. Thank you!!
      I think I did know that, but didn't really care for the lack of security that went along with changing it. That was a little while ago though - I will have to do some Googling and look into switching my reply status. :)