Friday, April 17, 2015

Sunshine & Freebies!

This weekend's forecast: Sunny. Sunnier. Sunniest! And WARM to boot!


This was our first week back from Spring Break, and it was a bit rough for the teacher.
I was dragging myself out of bed, waaaay later than normal.
My husband actually told me to, "Get it together, already!"  Apparently he's not a fan of my week long snooze button addiction.

Somehow, by the grace of God, I pulled myself together in time for school each day.
Only spilled my coffee all over the kitchen floor once. WIN!

Here's how the week ended up:

1. We've been playing a TON of games to get us through & keep the kiddos motivated.  They really, really, REALLY need to be moving at this point in the year when their attention spans are about thislong.  We've been using our Slap It slappers for everything from social studies to math!

2. Biographies are in full swing, & I'm LOVIN' it!  We've studied politicians and now sports stars!  My second graders eat up these biographies!

3. Keeping with the theme... we've changed up our Daily 5 Listening to Reading station for a bit.  It's currently Biography Bags. Huuuuge hit!

4. We've finally wrapped up our engineering unit on Bridges!  It was exciting and difficult learning all about how forces act upon different structures.  To help drive the idea home, we read The Three Little Pigs & identified the forces acting on the brick house.  You can grab yourself the FREEBIE I whipped up for us, HERE!
Learning Forces with the Big Bad Wolf!

5. I'm working on not cheating on my healthy eating, BIG time, because somehow I can always find an excuse to eat an entire bag of Reese's mini peanut butter eggs.
This Caprese salad was delicious & super good for my body!

However, it's Friday afternoon & I'm REALLY feeling like this... EEEK!

Pray real hard that I don't find the Oreos any time soon!

Have a SUNNY weekend, friends!

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