Saturday, March 14, 2015

Place Value (& a Freebie!)

Flats! Longs! Units! Oh my!
There are way too many different terms for 100's, 10's, & 1's aren't there?!

We've been busy sorting through it all in our place value unit with 3 & 4 digit numbers.  Some days I can't believe these kiddos are doing math with such big numbers already.  Where has the year gone?
...Not that I'll be complaing when I'm sitting on the beach in June. :)

If your sweet students are anything like mine, sitting still is just absolutely not an option.  We get up and moving as much as we possibly can all day long.
Hunt the Room activities are life savers.
I make a HUGE deal out of them every time. We must put on our detective hats, use our sneaky tiptoe walks and all!

Well, I thought you could all use a little mid-March treat.  So here is our Place Value Word Problem Room Hunt & it's FREE!

While you could easily use the same activity in a center or small group, I just feel that the time spent moving & thinking at the same time does so much more for their growing brains.
Not to mention that I also get to be moving around the room at the same time, getting in some extra steps & "exercise" for the day. Win!

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