Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This is NOT a Prank... It's APRIL!

It's finally April! Today was surprisingly easy - 2nd graders are so mature when it comes to April Fool's Day.  Only one little one told me my hair was white.  Really?!
I'm shocked, but not at ALL disappointed that my kiddos took absolutely zero interest in this classically crazy day.
I also chose not to instigate & didn't mention that day once - {lame} I know, but it was the BEST April 1st of my teaching career to date.  Just glorious!
Check out all of the fun April happenings here!
Listening: Big Bang Theory is a pretty regular background sound in our house.  It's one of those "we both agree on" TV shows.  Not to mention that they're replayed constantly.
Loving: It was 60 and SUNNY today!  I kept peeking out the window from my guided reading table alllll morning.  And {WOW} did my face DROP when I realized I was the INSIDE teacher during recess today... REALLY??!! Talk about Sadsville.
I made up for it with an outdoor run once school was over - perfect running weather.
Thinking: We just started the 4th marking period, but because we didn't realign the calendar with all of our snow days this last "nine week" is more like twelve weeks! I know what you're thinking... that's crazy! {I just go with it, even if I don't understand...}
Wanting: The Mr. and I are doing a little Spring Break traveling.  We'll be heading to Savannah, GA in just a few short weeks for what we're calling a "pseudo-honeymoon."  With getting married mid-school year & the hubby set to deploy sometime this summer, planning any long or far away honeymoon is
We're super excited to spend a few days in the south though!
Any good ideas for things to do in Savannah?!
Needing: I think having a least one or more snow days/delays a week for the better part of the 2nd and 3rd marking periods has me spoiled.  5:30 AM and I are not the best of friends. :)
Hours & Last Day:  I typically try to be at school {ok at least leave for school} around 6:30.  I work my butt off all day and happily walk out the door most days around 3:45.  After an allergy shot and/or a trip to the gym, I head home around 5:30, & try my best to do very little work at home (unless I'm home alone).
When I student taught, my cooperating teacher told me, "Teaching is your job.  Teaching is not your life."  I LOVE that motto and have tried to stick with it.  I love and do my best at my job, but there's got to be more time for family & friends.
And I don't even want to talk about our last day - we've got no snow days built in.  Ouch.


  1. Girl! I hear yah! Our last day is like in August !! haha, not really. It's the last legit school day of June though. June 27, FRIDAY! UGH! I like that motto that you posted. "Teaching is your job, not your life." I often confuse the two. I'm a point in my life though where I love studying education so I'm always working on research and the sorts. How do you find time to grade papers, your preps? Overall, I can totally relate to your post. I'm with you! I'm hangin' in until spring break!

  2. p.s.. I can join the "Big Bang Theory" .. we-both-agree-on-it show. My boyfriend introduced me to it and now I actually enjoy watching it, only with him though.

  3. I agree "Teaching is your job, not your life"'ve got to take care of you and what's important!

    PAWSitively Teaching.

  4. Your cooperating teacher was very wise! Teaching is your job and if you let it, it will consume the rest of your life! I'm having a hard time separating home and school these days. I need to follow the advice given to you! Love Sheldon and Penny!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  5. Like you, I'm into work eaaarly--by 7:00 a.m. Copiers aren't jammed, nobody to bother me. Ahhh! I really do walk away at a decent time without looking back! :) Cute blog!!

  6. Cute blog. I plan to look around it more:) I actually can say that my job is my job this year and I leave it when I leave the door. Oh yes, I still look at some blogs and think about work at home on Sat. nights while surfing the web, but since I am not in charge this year, I actually have a life!

  7. Aah, no snow days? Wow! I think you win on latest day into summer. That's crazy!
    Well, I hope you and your hubby have fun in GA! It sounds wonderful. I'm not sure what branch your hubby is in, but thanks to him and you for y'all's service! :)
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