Monday, April 14, 2014

Gettin' Eggy!

Only 3 more days till Spring Break! 3 days! That's it!  Anyone can get through 3 days... plus I've set up these adorable Egg-y Math Bins for us this week.
After thinking that some Easter Egg math centers would be fun, and then not having a second thought about it, I was reminded just how easy and educational Easter Eggs can be with this great post.
My sweet second graders will be spending these last few days before spring break, reviewing some of our favorite skills with Easter Egg matching math "baskets."  {Found these sweet little plastic baskets at good old Wal-Mart for a measly 97 cents!}
We've got double digit addition...
Double digit subtraction...
Balanced Equations...
And one that is an ELA Fast Finisher Basket on Antonyms.
My kiddos are LOVING these! But of course, I have keep them accountable!
These little recording pages should do the trick!
{QUICK - Grab your own eggs, baskets, & recording sheets and you'll have an EGG-tastic Eastery week!}

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  1. I love these different uses for eggs for teaching things! I especially love the antonyms with the eggs. My kids can always get some extra practice with that.

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain