Monday, March 3, 2014

Funday Math Monday

It's snowed! It REALLY snowed!  Not like we've typically had where we get 2 inches and school closes anyway.  Nope.  This was BIG! We've got at least 6 inches (sorry to those in states who scoff at 6 inches, ha)!
Needless to say we had a snow day Monday.  I spent much of the morning working on school work and finishing up some new math centers for spring.  I'm just getting into the whole small math groups and math centers idea this year.  While I've always be comfortable with this style of reading instruction, it seemed foreign to me in math.
We've gone through like 5 different math center styles - seriously! But thank the Lord my kiddos are incredible and just rolled with each new idea I came up with.  That's the thing about small groups and independent centers.  You've really got to find what works for you... and then train, train, train those kiddos to do what you want! :)
One of these days I might sit down and actually blog about my current small group format that I'm loving.
Anywho.... Here are my new spring, Getting Buggy Math Centers!
Leave me a comment telling me how you run your small math groups & I'll choose one comment to send my new Getting Buggy Math Centers to! :)
There's one hill in this state & it just happens to be right down the road from my house...
off to sled ride!

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