Friday, March 7, 2014

Everybody Shout, "It's Friday!"

This ended up being a super short week for me.
We had a snow day not only on Monday, but on Tuesday, too! Sheesh!
It's also state testing time, so I felt like I didn't accomplish a whole heck of a lot of learning.
Here are a few things that I DID accomplish this week though...
1. I just couldn't pass up this adorable spring clip art when I saw it, so I used it to create some Buggy Math Centers.  My kiddos will LOVE these - I can't wait to put them in our math bins next week & add some pics for ya!
 Check out this post and you could get your own Buggy Math Centers for free!
2. It was ALL wishful spring thinking {curled up in my comfy chair with a cozy blanket & hot cocoa of course} on my snow days.  This fun little gem I saw on Pinterest here, and made my own {it kept telling me the original link was blocked}.  It's a *freebie!*
3.  Speaking of spelling.  Here's our new Springy Spelling Homework Choice Board!
{I'm just full of freebies today!}
4. Spring, Spring, Spring! In all my spare time, I put together this spring wreath for our front door.
Funny story, but the sweet cashier at Michael's even scanned a $20 off coupon for me {I didn't know they had those}! So it ended up being dirt cheap to make!
I LOVE how it turned out.
5.  This e-card is SO true, isn't it?!
After a rough day, my mood was instantly lifted when I found this gem for 50% off - thank goodness for the Michael Kor's outlet!
Well, the weather is looking up for this weekend.  I think I'll get a few outdoor runs in & then make the hubby take me out so that I can show off my new arm candy {my adorable MK bag, of course}.
And remember... Think Spring! :)

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