Monday, February 10, 2014

All You Need is Love & Mustaches

While we were busy catching up from all of our snow days, Valentine's Day crept up on us!
(We haven't even had our 100th Day yet! Which *gasp!* just happens to be the same day as V-Day, thanks to all the winter weather. You can all feel bad for us having to deal with that crazy mash-up.  Praise the Lord it'll be a Friday, at least!)
Just in case you're like me and wait till the last minute to prepare valentine's for your kiddos, I'm here to help!
These gems are only 97 cents at Wal-Mart!  For a 4 pack! *Bonus: They're sugar free!
Since my class LOVES all things mustaches this year (oh my word, almost a little too much), that means for $5.82 my whole class will be loving life on Valentine's Day.

I tied them up with a free book coupon with purchase that came in last month's Scholastic box (no cost to the teacher), and this sweet little tag.
Here's one for you!
And just in case your class isn't into the whole rockstar theme...
Now, I mustache... what are your plans for Valentine's Day???

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