Friday, August 1, 2014


So, I realize that in the summer Friday is really no different from any other day.  They all just kind of blend together in a blissful "What day is it?!" kind of feeling.  Love it.

But Friday is always a cause for celebration.  So after another super long hiatus {I promise I have a boat load of excuses}, I it seemed like the perfect day to jump back in to blog world.

Here's my #notevenclosetoschoolrelated week so far:


1. I spent quite a few days in PA at my parents house.  It's the middle of nowhere & incredibly relaxing.  I enjoyed laying on the couch watching this momma doe and her twin fawns playing in the yard.

2. The reason for my trip home? I had some super sweet friends get married this past weekend - 3 to be exact!  What a popular wedding weekend!? I was honored to be able to stand by this sweet high school friend as she married an amazing guy. #weddingsmakemeteary

3. One of my goals for this fall is to run the Bay Bridge - I have a goal time to beat, so I've officially started "training" {ya know, eating more veggies :)} in preparation for this awesome event.

4. Perks of living close to the beach? I have spent many days, including some this past week, just laying in the sand & soaking up the sun.

5. Aaaaand I FINALLY got my first Stitch Fix! This was like Christmas morning all wrapped up in a sweet little box!  My stylist was fantastic, but I consider myself cheap, er, thrifty.  Sooo, I didn't keep everything.  But I had had HAD to keep these adorable mint skinny jeans & polka dot tie front top.
{sorry for the blurry iphone pic}

I promise, now that it's August, I'll get myself into school mode ASAP.

Don't forget the HUGE Back to School Sale coming up on Monday & Tuesday!  Stock up your wish lists!


  1. I just signed up for Stitch Fix! I am eagerly awaiting August 28th. Those mint skinnies are adorable.

    1. You will LOVE it! I'm a bit addicted now.

  2. I got my first stitch fix this month too. I actually received that same shirt with the colors reversed. I love it because it can easily go from work to play. Good luck on your goal to run the Bay Bridge and beat your time.

    1. It would be super cute in reverse colors, too! Thanks so much! :)