Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Science Observers! {Freebie}

As promised, I'm back tonight (past my bedtime) to share my "treat" - a quick anchor chart that I used for my science lesson this week.
On Monday, we are officially kicking off our insects unit... there will be BUGS IN MY ROOM! {Ahhhhh!}
I'm nervous as all get out.  Creepy crawlies are just NOT my thing.
Hopefully my sweet second graders love them to pieces and enjoy this unit.

With each insect we bring into our classroom, most of our learning will be done through observations.   We will get to spend time observing the insects as they change & grow, then discuss what we noticed.
To prepare, we spent time this week learning what it means to be a good observer.  We talked about the word observer, observed objects in our classroom, & practiced our observing skills on a nature walk.
After much practice and discussion, my kiddos & I worked together to make this anchor chart.  We will refer to it throughout our insects unit. {We talked a lot about why observing quietly is especially important for the hearing sense & about paying close attention to details!}

And here's a mini one that I whipped up quick for each kiddo to keep in their insect journal for a quick reference. {Click the pic!}

Happy Observing!

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  1. Love it! And stealing this! Love, Heather